Anti Rayap Dan Special offer Cockroach Bait Gel

Cari Anti Rayap dapat langsung klik sedangkan yang mau obat kecoa silahkan selesaikan bacanya.  Special offer for you. Cockroach Bait Gel with spectacular result. Only here, not anywhere !! Because, we have cockroach bait gel with boric acid active ingredient. You are dizziness with cockroaches ..? Cockroach bait gel, BUY Now ! Exterminate the right solution cockroaches and cockroach bait gel here only.

Attention ! Many drugs cockroaches and cockroach baits on the market. Many options how to destroy cockroaches and cockroach bait. Many people do not know how effective and well targeted. So the cockroach can complete 100% in a short time. Many people offer services and cockroach bait gel, cockroach repellent, but if they dare neither guarantee / assure their efficacy ? Here’s what you should consider when buying drugs cockroaches and cockroach bait.

Obat Kecoa Spektakuler 300x225 - Anti Rayap Dan Special offer Cockroach Bait Gel

Obat Basmi Kecoa merek Spektakuler dari INDOPES berkualitas super. Hari ini aplikasi, besok hari sudah banyak yang mati. Untuk kecoa kecil dan besar.


Where to place roach baits gel ?? Below this direction

In the Bathroom, roach bait Gel Placements

1. Upward angle into the overflow drain
2. Condensation Surfaces = Places where condensation can build up such as the tops of doorframes and medicine cabinets, and alongside decorations

Apply roach bait gel in the bathroom

1.Toilet = Mounted on upper rear corner of tank
2. Lower Cabinets = Flush mounted against an upper corner
3. Sink = Alongside pipe collar where drainpipe enters the wall

Apply roach bait gel in the Kitchen

1. Refrigerator = Between refrigerator and nearby appliance, such as the dishwasher
2. Sink = Alongside pipe collar where drainpipe enters the wall
3. Cupboards = Flush mounted against an upper corner
4. Other appliances = Behind microwave, toaster, blender, coffee maker, etc.
5. Floor placements = underneath dishwasher and/or oven

Apply roach bait gel

1. Drawers = Alongside the interior of the door frame
2. Cupboards = Underneath selected cupboards where frame meets wall
3. Counter = Underneath counter where sink is located
4. Fume Hood = Along the inside rear corner of hood (ensure no gel will drip onto stove top)

Rooms (Indoors) Roach Bait Gel Placements

1. Closets = Flush mounted against an upper corner
2. Appliances = Behind the television, stereo, computer monitor, fish tank, wall clocks, light fixtures, etc.
3. Dressers = Flush mounted in corner alongside the interior of the drawer frame
4. Furniture = Under base of couch and/or bed where crumbs accumulate
5. Utility Room/Area = Underneath hot water heater and/or adjacent to washing machine
6. Garag = Flush mounted to door frame where roaches can enter residence

This Cockroach bait is a complete solution Exterminate german Cockroaches, small cockroach, oriental cockroach, american cockroach, and large cockroach with the results SPECTACULAR ! With experience since 2000th and eradication methods enhanced with cockroaches food technology, we become a cockroach exterminator service providers thoroughly, totally and definitely satisfaction guaranteed.

We can guarantee results !! Cockroaches completed 100% in less than a week. If you are not satisfied with the results, do not pay first. If you are happy and satisfied, to pay please ! Do not choose the wrong drug roach / cockroach exterminator who can not completely 100%.

What They Say our customers?? they shared a testimony of cockroach extermination carried us. You will be shocked after reading it .. !! Look in the section “Customer Testimonials/Testimoni Pelanggan” from  website We have proven results of our work. Many of our customers who give references to others. Have a look at the “Our Customers (Pelanggan Kami)” of website

NOT SPRAYING BUT TO USE OF COCKROACH FOOD TECHNOLOGY with “very good” composition, resulting in a cockroach foods SUPER quality ! Now the application, have seen the results tomorrow. Very safe, effective, no odor, and does not disturb the occupants / employees / visitors when the drug was applied. Our cockroach foods different that are sold in the market. We have a special formula !

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