Termite Control

Termite control and termites medication is the right solution and destroy termite and warranty on your home. Many people offer termite exterminator, Exterminate termites and termite control. But if they dare to guarantee the efficacy of termite control them? Here’s what you should consider when purchasing termite control. Termites are not minor annoyances, you will experience a great loss if underestimate termites. Why? Since all your investments ruined just because of termite attack. Therefore, make sure your home or business premises are protected from termite attack.

Termites drug is complete termite control solutions to eradicate all types of termites. With experience since 2000th and eradication methods are refined with the latest technology, we are a provider of comprehensive termite control services, total 3 or 5 year warranty and surely.

Our termite control customers spread across Greater Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi . See the section “Our Customers (Pelanggan Kami)” of this website. Many customers who provide a reference back our termite control services to others !! This proves our commitment to constantly maintain quality and customer satisfaction ..

Termite Control that we use no smell but has a high killing power against termites, and able to last longer in the soil. Environmentally friendly and safe. Available termite control drugs from Bayer and BASF are of good quality, with the same active ingredient with termite control drugs Bayer.


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